Euroopa Reisist

The idea of this fun and educational board game came into our minds while travelling with our friends and realising that there is a lot of interesting information about different countries that unfortunately we simply don't know! Of course you could read books and encyclopedias to find out these facts - but wouldn't it be much more fun and exciting to broaden your horizons whilst playing a board game instead?

There is a vast amount of geographical and educational board games out there. However, in our search for a game that is both educational and entertaining, we only came across games that were too fact-based, dull and with overly complicated rules, leaving the fun aspect in the background.

Solution: no board game or geography book can ever replace travelling for first hand experience and knowledge about different countries , but hopefully "Trip Around Europe" is a a game that comes closest to it! On one hand it is a very simple and entertaining board game - but on the other, it also offers comprehensive and educational knowledge!

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